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For Claudia's Birthday: "The Ranger's Revelation"

Only for claudia603, who has special uses for Potpourri, on the occasion of her birthday . . .

Author: lavendertook
Genre: Picfic, silly
Pairing: Bingo/Aragorn
Warning: Discussion of mpreg. It's bad. Really, really bad. Don't say I didn't warn you. Because I did.
Summary: In which there are hobbits, rangers, and mpreg. Size here does matter, as do mad ranger skillz and hobbity ingenuity. It's bad. Really, really bad. Don't say I didn't warn you. Because I did.

I did, too!

"So you've brought me out to this idyllic spot along the coast of Belfalas to tell me something. And what may that be, my dearest Ranger?"

"Well, that's directly put, my love," Aragorn smiled. "So your answer shall be a direct one. Quite simply this: you are going to be a father. I am bearing our child."

Bingo stared at Aragorn agape, unable to speak. In turn, the ranger lifted an eyebrow, "Seeing you speechless is wonder enough in itself, dear hobbit!" He laughed aloud.

Speech and movement returned to Bingo all at once as he leapt into Aragorn's arms pressing tightly against him, "Oh Aragorn! I'm just so . . . this is wonderful news! I just can't believe it! Everything we tried truly worked then!"

Bingo suddenly stepped back and looked up at his lover, "But how do you know? Is this why you were spending so much time out in the woods lately?"

Aragorn nodded. "I felt a certain irritability that made me want to be alone for a time, but that's all past now. Still, how do I know, Bingo dear? Quite simply, I can hear the tiny being in my belly."

"You can hear our child?" Bingo took the ranger's hand and caressed it, looking toward the ranger's stomach.

"I can." He took Bingo's hand and placed it on his belly. "The child sings a song, high and clear, yet beyond what I could otherwise hear if I were not changed so. My hearing, my sight, what I smell and taste--all are so much stronger now. And the child's piercing song wavers whenever someone approaches, even be they beyond the distance my eyes can see. And I can tell exactly where they are and what manner of being they may be."

"That's extraordinary! I suppose you have gained a heightened maternal awareness of danger, all the better for protecting our child. You are now a radar ranger, my dear Strider!"

Aragorn nodded solemnly. "And soon to give birth to the very first Hobbedain."

"I, however, prefer Dunebit, amaelamin, and you shan't win this argument." He ran his hand over the ranger's belly. "I can feel a slight swell here."

"It is slight, and will probably not be so large that everyone will know I am with child. I do think it will be quite small, taking more after you."

"Well, that will be a blessing for the birthing then." Bingo smiled reassuringly at his lover.

Aragorn looked away and sighed. "That's not what I fear."

Bingo put his arms around the ranger's waist. "But you do fear something then, my brave Dunedain. What is it my love? Tell me."

Aragorn leaned into Bingo's embrace, speaking quietly. "Our child is so very small. I'm afraid this child might slip out during the night without my waking, and . . . and I might inadvertently roll over on it."

"Oh no! But there must be something we can do to guard against that." The hobbit looked thoughtful a moment. "Perhaps there's some way to attach a bell to the opening of your birthing duct, like an alarm . . ."

Aragorn nodded slowly, "Yes, yes, something like that could work! Meleth nin, I always can count on you to think up something I would never consider." Aragorn smiled admiringly at the small being in his arms. "Better yet, perhaps I can devise some kind of harness made of netting . . . "

Bingo smiled wryly at his lover,"You're going to set a trap for it, Strider. Our child shall know their mother is a ranger from the very start. Trapped and held, like you trapped and hold my heart."

The ranger's answer came through his lips, but there were no words, as he lifted the father of his child in his strong arms, drinking deeply.

OMG, The End!

Happy Birthday, dear claudia603! At least it was until now. ;-P

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