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Hobbit Month Post: Teaser for MotM, and "From Bag End's Garden"


Happy Hobbit Month to all my fellow Hobbit Fanciers, Pervy or Otherwise!

I wanted to have a new chapter of Bingo's picfic WIP March of the Mumakling for today, but as the day is running out on me, a teaser pic of that will have to suffice for now:

Bingo's journey, to a destination only known to his trusty mumakling Saffron, will continue soon at an LJ near you.

March of the Mumakling
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And now I leave you with a little picfic vignette from a later time in Bingo's Tol Eressea story cycle, called "From Bag End's Garden":

Author: lavendertook
Genre: Picfic
Pairing: Bingo/Sam
Warning: Sappy sweet. G
Summary: Sam arrives in Tol Eressea with a gift for Bingo

Sam walked back to Bingo, having retrieved a gift he left on the ship. After the first shock of arriving, of feeling his dear treasure in his arms again, Sam now first noticed the delicious feel of the soft white sands of the shores of Tol Eressea sifting between his toes. "I reckon you have far prettier flowers here in the Undying Lands," he said as he offered the flower to Bingo, "But I thought you might like something from home, from Bag End. That bush beneath the kitchen window was always a favorite of yours."

Bingo took the offered bloom, considering it with tears in his eyes, "The flowers here are beautiful. Some different from those of home. Different, but none more beautiful." He took Sam's hand with his free one and held his gaze, "Nothing can surpass the wonder of what comes from Bag End's garden. Do know that, my dear Sam."

Once again, the only reply was the meeting of their lips.

Tilion's silvery light shimmering on the waters guarded them that night. Arien's approach found them still on the beach, wrapped in each other's arms. "It's strange to watch the sun rise over the great sea, and no mistake. Yet I feel like I've been here before."

"I've sat here many a sunrise, thinking of you on the other side, going about your day." Bingo said wistfully.

"And sometimes," he added, "I'd come here while it was still dark, and I'd see you in my mind, sitting down with the sun on your back on the other side."

Sam snorted. "There were times I sat on the other side in the morning with the sun warming my back, feeling like you called me, and I'd sit there until I watched her set into the sea, thinking of you still." Sam's eyes filled with surprise. "I saw you here!"

"And I saw you there."* Bingo answered with a smile as he leaned in to touch his nose to Sam's. "And now you're here with me at last."

"That I am, love. That I am."

T E.

* Though I didn't think of it at the time, this is a bit of a homage to Letters Across the Sea, still one of the best romantic (PG) F/S fics out there, which you should totally read if you haven't already.

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