Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre (bbolger_baggins) wrote,
Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre

To the Professor!!!

Bingo: To the Professor's eleventy-eighth birthday today!
Sam & Bingo: To the Professor!

Sam: 'tis a shame we didn't get a full set to toast in tonight, or even get into something other than our jammies, but I'm rather comfy here all the same.
Bingo: Mmhmm. *sips* Mmmmm! Sweet champagne from the West Farthing . . .

Sam: All the sweeter for sharing the glass with you, love.

Bingo: *smooch* I say let's give Beren and Luthien some time to be alone, put down the book, and take some time for us. To bed, my dearest friend?
Sam: Aye, you don't have to ask a second time . . .

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