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More Than You Know: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Bingo & Ham Ham & Bingo The Legendary Bingo & Ham Love, Devotion, Loyalty, Trust: Ham & Bingo The One True Relationship: Bingo & Ham

I'm sitting on top of the Hill over Bag-End. To my right is the setting sun, and to my left, set ablaze in her last rays, is Bywater Pool. Off afar before me is the thick carpet of the Woody End. Hamilcar left me today. And he's left the Shire as well, for a while, he says. I suppose it's for the best. Eru-speed a safe journey for him; may he find what he seeks. And come back to me soon.

Sweet Elanorelle stopped by to see me today on her way to Lindon, and hopefully her Gilgalad is already in her arms; and I expect not to hear from her for days for very happy reasons! And Mum is off to ransack the offices of the Hobbit Advocate; it's so nice to see her becoming so politically involved and our new-found closeness is one of the treasures I've gained in coming back to the Shire, our newly independent and free Shire, with Ham Sam restored to his rightful position.

My relationship with my brother seems to have deteriorated though. I miss the bustle of being in Bag-End, but things seemed to have become uncomfortable, oddly enough, more so since I started seeing Ham, then when I was less occupied. I would have thought it would have been otherwise, but who's to say? Not that it matters now. And just when I was starting to enjoy cooking for the Abortions, especially Froey who thought I didn't see all the morsels he snuck off with or knew I left them out for him deliberately--so endearing.

And now even Trotter's gone. But I must buck-up, there's much paper work to do still for my organizations. And I should make a journey to DOMEACE's Eriador office in the Misty Mountains sometime in the next few weeks. I hope that beautiful but rather strange distant relation of mine, Chica, has found her husband already. And I wonder what's become of Frodo-lad? And when's Fatty coming home?

Hmmm, the blaze on the water is all but spent now. I'll just stay to watch the last few embers flicker and fade.

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