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A Birthday and Fic: "More Sand"

Happy Birthday, annwyn55!!! I hope you have a lovely celebration!!! And here's Bingo and Sam on Tol Eressea to celebrate it with a double drabble for you. This pic was taken at sunset at Delaware State Seashore last October--yes the sea really was that color! Click on it to embiggen.

Title: More Sand
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG Fluff
Disclaimer: Just borrowing J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbits for the shear pleasure of it. And I'd never sell them; I'd keep them if I could.

Sam was worried. "Do you think they're still celebrating my arrival? You don't think they will have noticed our scampering off on our own for a bit in the dunes, would they have? He shook more sand out of his curls.

"Well, you did arrive shortly after dawn when I pulled you away, brooking no delay, melamin, and now it's dusk." Frodo affected a solemn expression. "I'm afraid to say our absence must have been noted quite some time ago." Seeing Sam's look of dismay, Frodo stifled a laugh by stealing another quick kiss from him.

The twinkle in Sam's eyes as they finished undercut his sigh of concern. "Then I reckon they know what we've been up to, and we're in for some teasing, my dear, ain't we?" He pulled at his waistline to let more sand fall loose.

"Well, just be glad the majority of them are Elves and not Hobbits, my dear Sam, or there'd be a reckoning we'd have to pay."

"Aye, I knew there had to be a good part to staying with these here Elves" Sam brushed more sand from Frodo's curls. Hand in hand they bravely made their way back to the dockside gathering.
Tags: b/s, bingo doll adventures, birthdays, f/s, picfic

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