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The Bastard of Bagshot Row

and Ringbearer Reject

Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre
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I am the bastard son of Primula Brandybuck and Rollo Bolger and a ward of Bilbo Baggins. I am the elder half-brother of Frodo Baggins by 6 years. My beloved is Iorhael Baggins, a muse from another realm I had the most wonderful fortune to meet and hope to walk beside always.
baggins, baking, bolgers, brandybucks, buddhism, cats, chatting, cooking, diplomacy, eating, elvish lore, environmental issues, evil jewelry, flowers, foot fur styling products, fredegarbolger, frodo baggins, gamgees, gay-hobbit-rights, golf, hadl (hobbit anti-discrimination league), hobbit rights, hobbiton, hobbits, liquor, mespt, mirabellatook, mushrooms, patronizing local businesses, peregrinboffin, politics, primulabaggins, rambling, reading, rescuing endangered species, ringbearing, strawberry bubble bath, swords, tantric sex, tea, the middle-earth sockpuppet players, the shire, tooks, trotter, vegetables, wine, woods, writers, writing