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Bingo Studies 2: Leaving Lothlorien

I sat for LT again this weekend for another portrait. Here I am re-enacting the scene in which Galadriel just handed me the phial and I suppose I'm a bit verklempt at receiving it, as well as begging her to let me stay and give my ring to any old elf who wants a used ring and promises to take it to Mordor. This drawing took around 4 hours and is ball point pen on 8x10 drawing paper. Click on the pic if you wish to see larger versions.



LT hasn't done a drawing in years, perhaps a decade now, and I know it's been rankling her. So I offered to sit for her this evening, and told her not to bother getting up but to use the ballpoint she had at hand and just go to it. So she agreed, and I posed as I did in the scene of me standing by the Mirror of Galadriel, in a frame near the cap mews1945 posted today. Here's what she came up with: