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No Relation Whatsoever!!!: Bingo BOlger-Baggins

I suppose it may be necessary for me to report that none of my relations in the Shire or Bree that I know of are in any way related to the recently apprehended notorious ruffian bearing a like sounding surname to Bolger.

Note that the names, though pronounced alike, are not spelt the same in English don't ask about the Westron spelling, all right? An "o" is not a "u," thankfully for the very messy spelling system in English, as the sound would not be represented by differing letters in Westron, but I did tell you not to ask!

So you may safely put that rumour to rest. There have been, and continue to be no university presidents or senators among my relations and we have no such unsavory sorts tainting the family name.

I thank you for your attention and I hope you will quell such evil rumors wherever they flourish.