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Out of the Box: A Baggins Birthday Mathom for lbilover

Baggins Birthday Mathom Exchange

This mathom is a picfic for lbilover, who knows the problem of which Bingo speaks, as do many others who share their homes with hobbit dolls.

Title: Out of the Box
Pairing: Bingo/Sam
Rating: PGish--suggestive
Warning: Doll and character meta alert
Disclaimer: I'm borrowing Tolkien's characters. I'm not sure if he'd want them back after I'm done with them, but they're his'ns if his estate wants them.

SAM: I reckon it couldn't be finer weather for taking a walk on your birthday, Bingo-love.

BINGO: Yes, dearest. it is lovely. I'm glad you dragged me away form my writing. I was getting a bit bogged down and it is a perfect day for strolling around Greenbelt Lake.

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Tolkien Reading Day: Second Epilogue excerpt

The voice post below is an excerpt from Tolkien's unpublished second Epilogue in The History of the Lord of The Rings, in the HoME in which Sam and his daughter Elanor converse. More than first viewing the film of FotR, reading this passage for the first time completely renewed the love I had for Tolkien's writings when I was a teen. In keeping with the theme of this year's Tolkien Reading Day, there are a couple of mentions of trees in the passage.

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