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pleased, fondly amused

Happy Birthday, Ms. lbilover!!!: From Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Hello, dear Ms. lbilover! Sam "Goldberry" Gamgee and I wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays from our soon-to-be new home. Isn't it wonderful?

Please don't mention this to Ms. Lavender, as we haven't broken it to her yet. We suspect she might take it hard, so we're waiting for the right moment. And to find movers who will accept her credit cards without making us show I.D.

Oh, and please don't mention this to Ms. Obelia, as we haven't asked her yet, either and are wondering if we should, or if we should just sneak in--after all, she's not likely to notice us among all her Sam and Frodo's, I suppose.

We know your Frodo and Sam had something grand planned for you today. We hope it was the most splendid of days!